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……your input and your memories are always welcome here! Even though this blog pays tribute to vintage television, movie showcases, etc. from the NY Metro Area, we also love to read information, thoughts and memories from folks who grew up outside the NY Metro Area and remember what it was like when TV was really something special. Are you from Chicago? Boston? LA? Anywhere else? Don’t be shy! Chime in and join the celebration that is vintage TV we all remember and love!

Pretty much one thing you could count on each Sunday night was that WNEW-TV Channel 5 would be airing some kind of special at 9PM right after “Lawrence Welk”. Various topics would be explored and discussed and let’s not forget the documentaries, exports and mini-series. Programs like “The Last Tsar”, “Window On The World”, “Vaudeville”, Jonathan Miller’s Broadway” and “National Geographic” just to name a few would grace your TV screen on Sunday nights. Here is an ad from 10/5/75 with one of those specials, “Khrushchev Remembers”.

Ask anyone who grew up in the NY Metro area during the 60s and 70s and they will tell you what a goldmine Saturday morning TV was. Cartoons, cartoons and more cartoons. From early morning through early afternoon, if cartoons were your thing, you were in TV heaven. Here is a TV Guide ad from 9/9/78 showing the Saturday morning line-up for WCBS-TV Channel 2.

Some ads showing how NY area local stations also advertised their syndicated TV shows. First from 10/7/75 comes an ad from WNBC-TV Channel 4 using the syndicated title of “Robert Young, Family Doctor” for off-network airings of “Marcus Welby, MD”. Not sure the reasoning for this practice but I also remember channel 11 using titles like “Happy Days Again”, “Laverne & Shirley & Company” and channel 9 using the title “The Raymond Burr Show” instead of “Ironside”. Second is a neat ad from 10/6/75 for WOR-TV Channel 9 as the station squeezes in three of it’s shows in one ad. Finally from 10/8/75 comes an ad for WPIX-TV Channel 11’s weeknight airings of “The Mod Squad” which, of course, followed “Star Trek”.

Here is a clip of a 1970 match between the San Francisco Bay Area Bombers and the Northeast Braves. Now, growing up in the 60s and 70s in the NY Metro area, Roller Derby is eternally linked to WOR-TV Channel 9. Though this clip is not from a channel 9 broadcast it does bring back fond memories of watching Roller Derby on 9 on one of those sleepy Saturday mornings. Thought this might bring folks a nice touch of nostalgia from those more simple, fun times of the past. By the way, in addition to the two teams playing, what other teams do you remember? I remember the New York Chiefs and the Midwest Pioneers. Anymore?

Here is a full page ad from the Guide dated 3/9/70 showcasing it’s two-part presentation of 1961’s “King Of Kings”. I have vivid memories of watching this film on the 4:30 Movie several times if not more.

Here are two very nice ads from TV Guide for WOR-TV Channel 9. I still contend that 9 advertised more in TV Guide then the other two local indies and right up there with the networks as well. Anyway, first up from 5/26/71 is a neat ad for 9’s “Late Movie” presentation of “Five Miles To Midnight” with Sophia Loren. Second ad is a real beauty! From 11/4/70 under the “Best Of All Seasons” banner, WOR presents two films sandwiching an episode of “The Avengers”. This ad is very similar to the ad I wrote about in an entry I posted a while back about missing my favorite TV Guide ad. The ad I was referring to would have appeared in the Guide a week earlier, again with two movies sandwiching an episode of “The Avengers”. Anyway, I love those “Best Of All Seasons” ads.

OK, so Christmas is still 6 months away but anytime is a good time to remember a TV institution from back in the day. From 12/24/76 comes a full page TV Guide ad for Channel 11’s “Yule Log”. I believe at the time of this ad it was WPIX-TV’s 11th annual “Christmas Card To Viewers”. In ’76 the broadcast was a whopping 4 hours long and was also simulcast on WPIX-FM radio. I have fond memories of this annual event and can even remember watching it as a very little boy a couple of times while I helped finish decorating my Grandmothers tree. Enjoy!

Here are three TV Guide ads for late night movies airing in the NY Metro area in 1970. First, from 5/23/70 we have a “Best Of Broadway” airing of “A Man Called Adam” starring Sammy Davis Jr. Next from 5/24/70 is a “Sunday Film Festival” presentation of “Home From The Hill” starring Robert Mitchum. Finally, from 6/13/70, “The Late Show” presents Kirk Douglas in “Top Secret Affair”. I really loved those old “Late Show” ads.