Some ads showing how NY area local stations also advertised their syndicated TV shows. First from 10/7/75 comes an ad from WNBC-TV Channel 4 using the syndicated title of “Robert Young, Family Doctor” for off-network airings of “Marcus Welby, MD”. Not sure the reasoning for this practice but I also remember channel 11 using titles like “Happy Days Again”, “Laverne & Shirley & Company” and channel 9 using the title “The Raymond Burr Show” instead of “Ironside”. Second is a neat ad from 10/6/75 for WOR-TV Channel 9 as the station squeezes in three of it’s shows in one ad. Finally from 10/8/75 comes an ad for WPIX-TV Channel 11’s weeknight airings of “The Mod Squad” which, of course, followed “Star Trek”.