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Wonderful clip from public broadcasting channel 13, WNET-TV. This is from Halloween Night, 1981. They just don’t do TV like this anymore. Enjoy!



Not sure what year this was or what the repercussions were but leave it up to the wonderful Roger Grimsby to punctuate this classic, funny moment. Enjoy!

Here is a neat clip featuring the amazing theme music for Action News on WPIX-TV Channel 11. This is from 1980 and really quick at the end you can see an “up next” slide for the Channel 11 Film Festival.

From 10/23/76 comes an ad for an airing of “Dirty Harry” on NBC Saturday Night At The Movies. No mention if this is the initial airing of the film but it does come with appropriate “viewer discretion” warnings.

A nice ad from 10/24/76. A movie and Ironside!

Here are some interesting TV Guide ads featuring the three area local indies advertising some of their programming from 9/14/81. First is WNEW-TV Channel 5 with a full page ad telling viewers to “Put some magic in your mornings”. Next, WOR-TV Channel 9 with an ad for their early afternoon block of game shows. Finally, WPIX-TV Channel 11 is letting fans know where they can find the Yankees that week.


Happy Father’s Day!

I hope all the Dad’s out there have a wonderful day!

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Pretty much one thing you could count on each Sunday night was that WNEW-TV Channel 5 would be airing some kind of special at 9PM right after “Lawrence Welk”. Various topics would be explored and discussed and let’s not forget the documentaries, exports and mini-series. Programs like “The Last Tsar”, “Window On The World”, “Vaudeville”, Jonathan Miller’s Broadway” and “National Geographic” just to name a few would grace your TV screen on Sunday nights. Here is an ad from 10/5/75 with one of those specials, “Khrushchev Remembers”.