Make no mistake about it, back in the day, WOR-TV channel 9 was the undisputed king of local sports coverage. Sure the local network affiliates would give you NFL Football every week or Major League Baseball, every week, etc., but on a daily basis and year round, nobody beat channel 9. The two “kings” of local independent television, channel 5 and channel 11 did not offer much in the way of sports. Channel 5 would basically give you Jets pre-season football games and that was it and channel 11 would give you Yankees baseball and Giants pre-season football but not much more. Tune in to channel 9 throughout the years and you would get the following: Mets baseball, Rangers and Islanders hockey, Knicks and Nets basketball, college football and basketball, Canadian football, the World Football League, the NHL Primetime Game Of The Week, boxing, horse racing, wrestling, roller derby and so much more. Though WOR is amusingly remembered for telecasting sports on a tape-delayed basis from time to time, the truth is that no station offered as much live sports coverage as 9 did. If you grew up back in the day and you were a sports fan, chances are your television dial spent a lot of time tuned to channel 9. Here is a TV Guide ad with WOR-TV rightfully advertising their unmatched sports coverage. What are your thoughts/memories?